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Hi, I'm Rachael. 

The story of Cosmetic Clays begins with a pregnant woman and her sister. 

I was that pregnant woman, 4 times over actually. With each pregnancy, my skin became more dry, uneven and prone to unpredictable breakouts. 

My sister Lauren had lived with hormonal acne for years. Her skin looked angry and sore, and my heart broke watching her self-confidence evaporate. 

Between us, we spent thousands on must-have products that promised us relief but delivered only disappointment. Nothing seemed to work. 

Every product we tried was jam-packed with dangerous toxins like Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates and Fragrance. 

I wanted more for us and people like us; those looking for less toxins, more choice, better quality and better results.    

‘Every product we tried was jam-packed with dangerous toxins like Formaldehyde’ 

Eventually, I found something much better than the scary stuff on the supermarket shelf. Something that is Australian-made, contains zero toxins and is kinder to our planet. 

That’s how Cosmetic Clays, my fifth baby, was born.   

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