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Our Story

Cosmetic Clays was launched in 2016 by mother of four, Rachael who saw a gap in the market for simple, effective skincare using natural and Vegan ingredients such as Clay.
Following the significant improvement of her both herself and her sister's skin ailments, Cosmetic Clays was created.

Suffering from hormonal imbalances after the birth of her third child, which then led to a range of symptoms including breakouts, Rachael came across the wide known benefits cosmetic grade clays can have on the skin.

Combined with their high mineral content and drawing properties, Clays are able to cleanse, tone, hydrate and rebalance oil production which leads to reduced inflammation and toned, yet supple skin.

We have a face mask to suit EVERY skin type!

Let us help you achieve a brighter complexion and confidence to go make-up free!