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Your skin in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

I should know I guess I'm now a self-proclaimed "expert" as I'm currently in my fourth pregnancy. They have all been different in many ways but this one seems to have blessed me with oily skin and hair for the first and good part of the second trimesters!


Argh! Breakouts!


For the first trimester, your hormones are on a steady increase and by 6 weeks some sure unwanted symptoms are starting to show. Due to increased oil production, this tends to lead to more clogged pores and breakouts. The best advice is to use a  daily gentle cleanser and follow with an oil-free moisturiser. This helps remove dirt and excess oil build up, meaning less chances of clogged and congested pores. Another tip to help reduce those pesky pimples is to remove all make up before bed and change your pillow case regularly!

Avoid acne creams as a lot of their ingredients aren't recommended in pregnancy unless on doctors advice of course! 



Redness and irritation


The skin can become super sensitive to the sun and certain skincare products. Look for natural ingredients which are suited to sensitive skin. Be sun smart and avoid long exposures to the suns rays as you may find you might get burnt a little easier than pre-pregnancy! Natural SPF's such as zinc limit the chemical cocktail on your skin which is absorbed by the body and then to the baby.


What about that GLOW?!


The age old "pregnancy glow" comes from water retention which tends to plump put your skin and possibly smoothing out some fine lines and wrinkles! You also have a lot more blood volume which gives you that healthy flushed-cheek look. However if you had red patches on your face prior to pregnancy, these can be highlighted and more visible. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated will help flush out excess fluid and using a tinted moisturiser will help even out that redness. 

Luckily these ailments aren't forever and usually subside within days of your beautiful baby arriving! And although they aren't forever, the joy that motherhood brings certainly is!



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