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Why choose Vegan beauty products?

Going Vegan seems to be "on trend" right now.

Those who are Vegan have been know to declare it and  but then frown at those who's beliefs differ from their own.

Changing to a plant based diet may seem quite "restricting" to those who choose to eat a conventional diet but switching your beauty products for those who don't contain ingredients with any animal or animal by-products can be easier than it seems!

Vegan, by common definition is, a substance which doesn't contain any animal or animal by-products. We also class no animal testing under this umbrella too!

There are many animal products which make their way into most beauty products, but their origin can be quite confronting and frankly pretty gross!

Carmine - The red "dye" found in many lipsticks is actually derived from crushed female cochineal insects! What is more astounding is that it takes 70,000 beetles to make around half a kilo of dye.

Collagen -  We are all familiar with this popular "anti-ageing" ingredient. It's addition to many skin lotions and serums claiming to strengthen the fibrous tissues. However its origin is actually from ground up animal horns and chicken feet.

Elastin - Another popular anti-ageing ingredient, Elastin is excreted from the neck ligaments and aorta's of cows. 

Placental Proteins - Yes that's right, this ingredient is derived from extracting it from the uterus of animals in abattoirs! It has properties which bring moisture to the top layers of the skin.

Keratin - Commonly found in a lot of hair treatments and shampoos, Keratin has been know to strengthen hair, but originates from ground up horns, hooves, feathers and hair!

Crystalline Guanine - Giving beauty products such as shampoos, eye shadows and nail polishes that pearl effect, this ingredient comes from fish scales. 

Choosing Vegan beauty products is not only an ethical choice but a way of taking a stand against inhumane activity against animals. 

We are also lowering our Carbon Footprint and creating a more sustainable life style. 












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