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There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one!

Being a mum can be challenging there is no doubt about that.

The endless washing, cleaning, food shopping, meal prepping, school runs...the list goes on. So many women put pressure on themselves to be the perfect mum. To throw their child the perfect birthday party, to make sure they are dressed in a well executed costume for book week or to make sure they are given the best of everything they can afford.

But when it comes down to it, there is no way to be the perfect mother. It is literally impossible. Where one woman's strengths appear, they may be another woman's weaknesses and vice versa. We are human after all. 

I could sit here and reassure the millions of ways you are a great mum, or your mum has been a great mum to you. But lets face it, the number one way you are totally nailing being a good mother and role model for your children, in my opinion, is self care.

If you can take time out of your day for just 15 minutes to have a relaxing bath, get a massage or meditate, you are looking after your own well being as a priority. This gives ourselves time to recharge, unwind and become better prepared to face the stresses and challenges of motherhood. 

Once we are mentally recharged, our confidence in ourselves and our sense of happiness and self worth improves thus bringing positive energy back into the family dynamic. If your children follow by your example, that in turn is raising strong, resilient children who can face life head on, even when the going gets tough. 

In my own experience as a mother, I have learned that if you are organised for the day ahead, it makes the night times run more smoothly and by having the kids in bed early every night, it's really not to just make sure they are properly rested, but to give you that "down" time your body so desperately needs and DESERVES. Every. Single. Day.

So schedule it in your day, every day. Do it for yourself, but also do it for your kids. They need to see you prioritising self care so they in turn can learn to do the same in stressful situations in their adult life.


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