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The fastest way to flawless make up

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Having a smooth "canvas" to apply our make up to makes it easier to apply and ensures it stays put. It also reduces those patches of dry flaky skin and deep creases in problem areas such as under the eye,  smile and frown lines.

Make up has evolved over the years to last longer, blend better and hide our skin flaws. But it doesn't just come down to the make up we use and how well the products work. The most important step to ensure our make up sits well is to make sure our face is clean, shine free and well hydrated.



Most products today contain, soaps, perfumes, astringents and parabens, all of which are irritants. Skin which has been stripped of its natural oils (good and bad), lost its natural pH balance and moisture will be more susceptible to the early onset of aging, contradicting what skin care products are designed to do!

Make up is less likely to last all day when the skin is dry, rough and unbalanced. Using a primer to fill in fine lines and smooth pores is just a band aid to cover skin ailments. Why not fix the problem and have naturally glowing skin and with the added bonus of not having to wear as much make up?!  



Clay can naturally cleanse, rebalance the skin's natural pH, draw out toxins and rehydrate all in one simple step. A weekly face mask means giving your skin a deeper clean, minimizing pores and giving it the minerals which are found naturally rich in clay. The result is a smooth, hydrated and well balanced surface, which leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

To find the right product for your skin type click here!



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