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Six Easy ways to Self Care that you may not be aware of...

We found ourselves mostly busy all the time, over-scheduling ourselves, always looking for the next thing or looking for distractions to keep the mind busy. Yes, looking funny dogs or cats’ videos in social media also qualifies as a distraction. We suffer from information overload and we barely have time to slow down, and it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves.


Here are six easy ways that you may not be aware of self-care


  1. Dedicate a week a day to do something you enjoy

 Take time to yourself and do one thing you enjoy. Read a book, go for a walk, talk to a friend, cook something from scratch. Make sure that when you do it, you take the time to enjoy this activity to the fullest, just focusing on what you are doing. If you catch your mind wandering around, starting to worry, take yourself back to the what you are doing.


If you are a mum and having time to yourself is close to impossible, I hear you. But this is important to keep your sanity. Maybe you can wake up 15 minutes earlier than your kids and take a warm shower, or read a chapter of a book, make coffee or tea and slowly drink it, enjoying every bit of flavour in your mouth. 




  1. Honour your future self: make your bed.

 Making your bed every morning and changing your bedsheets often it is the best way to honour yourself. Coming back from work or your daily routine to a nice clean bed gives you a sense of comfort and allows you to have a nice rest for better sleep.


This is how I feel after a good night sleep, don’t you?



The Navy Seals include the bed- making routine as part of their training because they believe that completing this first task of the morning gives you a sense of accomplishment.


I know that is not always possible, but it doesn’t need to be hotel quality bed making, it won’t take more than two minutes and the benefits well overpass the time invested.

It is rewarding!



  1. Spark your senses!

Surround yourself with things that smell good, like candles or moisturising cream. Self-care is a way to honour yourself, and you deserve it.  Make the space you sleep, work and spend most time of your day a pleasant one. 

When you feel stress, you can always relate to that pleasant smell. I have a hand cream that I got when I was on holidays (and have bought it online afterwards).  When I put it on my hands, the smell immediately brings me good memories, giving me a nice break. It takes my mind away from the problem so I can focus on the solution.



  1. A random act of kindness

Contrarily to common beliefs, a random act of kindness doesn't necessarily include money or big efforts.  A random act of kindness are actions that make someone feel better, and yourself in return. Small things like letting someone jump in the line before you in the supermarket, smiling to someone in the street, complimenting a colleague on their good work or a friend on the way they look, bringing a bag of chocolates or a healthier snack to your workplace are just a few ideas to show you care.



  1. Enjoy the daily tasks

 Who loves doing house chores? Who said me?

Maybe you do or don’t mind doing some of them, but sometimes it gets tedious. I actually like cleaning but please don’t ask me to cook. However, I need to eat, and I like to eat healthily, so I prefer to cook at home. Just to make it a more enjoyable experience: I cook mindfully.


Mindfulness is being in the present moment. One of the exercises is to pay attention to what you doing by using your senses. When I cook, I bring myself to the present moment by observing the different colours of the food, listening to the sounds of the veggies being chopped, feeling the different textures of the food. Making a conscious decision, something that I decide and choose to do, to be in the present moment, enjoying it.


Next time you do a house chore, do it mindfully. Ask yourself these questions: Are there any specific sound you can hear? Can you feel the different textures? What about the smell? (hopefully is a pleasant one!).  If a thought pops in your head, let it be with no judgement, and go back to the present moment by describing colours, smells, sounds, etc.



  1. Play music you enjoy



Music is primal. Have you noticed how soothing is to a baby when she or he listens to a lullaby from her or his mum? Listening to music can bring you memories and tap into emotions, which increase the amount of dopamine released by the body. Dopamine is the “feel good hormone” and research have shown that dopamine is close to 10% higher on people listening to their favourite tune.  Each person’s interaction with music is unique, and what you like may be different from what I like, but one thing is certain: listening to your favourite music will get you in a feel-good state. It is powerful.


Wherever you are right now, please stop for a moment, you are worthy of your time. As you can see these tips are very easy to implement and I can assure you it will bring you happiness or at least a nice smile. When you give yourself a little space and self-care, you start to feel better about yourself, and good things start to happen around you. You already have all that you need for the joyful life you want.


Guest Post written by Claudia from 


Wellfuness is a practical guide and directory for living a meaningful live, a life or purpose, achieved by nourishing your body, your soul and your environment.


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