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How to stop your moisturiser sweating off this Summer

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Sick of your moisturiser sweating off in the Summer heat? Or during that intense gym class?

First world problems hey?!

Read on to find out how to get by looking glowing not dripping!


1. If you have those usual dry spot on your face, just dab a little Argan, Avocado or Jojoba Oil on before you go out to take care of those pesky dry patches!
2. Have a cooler shower or wash your face with cool water. Piping hot water is very drying and when we sweat, the body is trying to rehydrate the moisture lost from the skin.
3. Use a thin, oil-free and easily absorbed moisturiser. Lathering on thicker ones will just coat your skin and won't be able to properly absorb, it will just create coating over the pores which clogs and suffocates them.
4. Skip the moisturiser during the day and opt for just a night cream. We still need to re-hydrate from a day out in the sun or inside with a drying air from the air conditioner!
5. If you need to use a daily SPF cream, make sure it is one that is mineral based as they are the most natural and not chemical cocktail layer over your skin. It's important that the products we use allow our skin to breathe. When it can't breathe, this will encourage unwanted sweating!
6. Use a matte primer as a base for your make up to keep it looking fresh and stop it sweating off during the day. They are especially good for those prone to oily skin, just make sure the product is oil-free!


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