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Holiday beauty routine 101

Hooray for holidays!

It's been a long year.

A well deserved break is in order but what to pack?


Keep your skin care routine simple with a good daily cleanser suitable to your skin type and an SPF moisturizer.

Spend your beach days make up free and allow your skin to breathe. Salt water has an anti bacterial affect which prevents break outs and acne. It also helps with balancing oil production! Winning!

A hat to shade your face will help stop the sun causing irreversible damaging which contributes to premature aging.

Drink plenty of water during the day to help keep your skin hydrated. We love those 2L water bottles that help you keep tabs on your daily water intake!

Get moving! Surf, hike, ride or skate to get your blood pumping, your skin sweating and removing the impurities from your pores. Just make sure you wash afterwards as you don't want the bacteria to resettle and cause breakouts or irritation!

Lastly, get your BEAUTY sleep! Literally! Adequate rest allows the body to boost blood flow to the skin meaning you hit the beach with a healthy morning glow!


So now you got the 101 on your no fuss holiday beauty regime, get packing those cute bikinis and summer dresses!







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