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Are you red faced after using a clay mask?

This literally just happened to me.

Yes,  after using my own product (which I have obviously used countless times before), I had a split second of panic before quietly reassuring myself it would disappear in no time.

But it didn't. 


Our Boost and Glow Mask is popular for Dry and Sensitive skin types!

I am sick with a horrendous sinus infection and thankfully with the kids at either daycare or school, I was looking forward to a quiet day recovering and a little TLC. So this afternoon I mixed up a quick Boost + Glow clay face mask ( thinking to myself, geez it's been a little while) and smothered it all over my face. Relaxing with a cuppa, I felt the mask slowly start to dry and get to work. As it drew the impurities and toxins from the skin, it tingled my nose and I thought " ok, time to wash it off".



Upon rinsing the mask, I took one look in the mirror and saw my face looked quite pink, and really on the verge of red! My eyes widened at the sight then relaxed as I reassured myself that it's normal and it will disappear with 20 minutes or so.

Half an hour later I returned to the bathroom to see if it was gone, but to my surprise it was still there! Less obvious but definitely still rocking the flushed face! Within the hour it had disappeared but I just wanted to clarify to my beautiful customers why this happens after using a clay mask!

Clay is electrically charged and this is how it is able to stimulate the skins circulation and thus drawing out toxins and impurities. Stimulating blood flow allows the skin cells to be nourished by essential nutrients and flush away waste. This process is what makes clay such an effective skin care treatment. 


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A couple of things to note are:

- Don't use hot water to rinse the mask, it can be very drying so use luke warm.

- Try not to leave the mask on for more than 15 minutes. If it is completely dry and cracked then it has been too long. Ideally it should be slightly tacky to touch. 

- Use a soft damp towel to remove the mask, if it is dry or too rough, you may damage your skin. Remember the skin on the face and neck is quite delicate!

- Avoid applying moisturiser straight away, as the skin needs time to breathe. Waiting approximately an hour is ideal.


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