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5 reasons to switch to No Tox skincare products

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There is a great movement which has been happening within the beauty industry.

The call for change and awareness in the products we use daily on our delicate skin, has seen a huge shift in consumers starting to opt for products that have ingredients that they can actually pronounce.

They also look for labels that are free from nasty parabens used as product preservatives and broad chemical names such as "fragrance" which is an umbrella term for phthalates which make products like shampoo, nail polish and moisturisers less dry. 

There are 5 big reasons why you should start thinking about what is in your daily skincare routine and how you can start to substitute with a more simple, natural alternative.


ONE: Hormone Disruption.

60% of beauty products use paragons to prevent their products from growing mould and bacteria (source QC Make Up Academy). The truth is parabens mimic estrogen in the body and disrupt our natural hormone balance. There is also a link between these chemicals and breast cancer.

Instead look for alternatives such as Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Fermented Radish Root, Grapeseed extant to name a few.


TWO: Allergic Reactions.

The term " Fragrance" is in about half of all beauty products. They give your products their luring scent which makes you feel good about using their product. These generally are a main cause of irritation and allergic reactions. So if you have super sensitive skin, this is really important to look for the word "fragrance" or "natural fragrance" on the labels.

Instead look for products with natural high quality essential oils or unscented products.


THREE: Eye irritation and Kidney and Liver defects.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is the most common ingredient in shampoo and facial foaming cleansers to make them foam up when mixed with water. SLS is actually a pesticide which can cause irritation to eyes and skin as well and kidney and liver defects.

Instead look for alternatives such as foam-free natural products and soaps such as coconut, olive oil or sunflower oils.


FOUR: Your skin is actually drier.

Many liquid skin care products contain Propylene Glycol or PG as it is known, to help moisturisers seep further into the skin. However it actually makes your skin drier by drawing moisture from the deeper layers of the skin towards the upper layers.

Instead look for products containing Vegetable Glycerin.


FIVE: Cancer and Nerve Damage

Petroleum is a widely used chemical in skincare, particularly in moisturising products. It can be contaminated with dozens of toxic chemicals, some known to cause cancer and nerve damage. The petroleum also allows these chemicals to be absorbed further into the skin than they normally would on their own!

Instead opt for natural moisturisers such as Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Raw Honey and Shea Butter.

So if the health of you and your family is priority, start looking to make small changes in your home to use low or no tax products that won't have the same implications as large corporation, chemical laden skin care products.

Try Cosmetic Clays face mask range to kick off your new low tox lifestyle!





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