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5 Easy Ways to Control Oily Skin

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Oily Skin is particularly problematic in the summer months, particularly when it's humid! It occurs when the sebaceous glands make too much oil or sebum. Sebum production is the way the body keeps the skin healthy but too much can become a bit of a problem!

Oily patches can affect how your make up sits and makes you more prone to an increase break outs and larger, blocked pores. Your face may also appear shiny or greasy.

The main contributors to oil patches can include hormonal changes, high stress, or weather conditions. The issue can also be hereditary but fear not we have you covered with some easy fixes that won't break the bank!


Here are our 5 Easy Ways to Control Oily Skin:


1. Water- based or No Make-Up

If you are feeling less than confident with your skin, a water based make up brand is a better choice for oily skin types. Better still, allowing your skin to breathe naturally by going make up free is the best option. It means less contaminants that may clog the pores.


2. Diet

Diet and adequate fluid intake seems to be the holy grail of fixing many health and body ailments. Studies show eating whole foods rich in omega-3's and avoiding greasy foods and dairy is really important to control oily skin.

Suggestions include:

- Eggs

- Spinach

- Kale

- Flaxseeds

- Tofu

- Fish such as Salmon, Mackerel and Sardines

- Nuts


 3. Wash and Tone your Face Regularly

You will reduce the oil on the skin by regularly washing it day and night with a gentle soap and water. Avoid scrubbing the skin with a face washer as the stimulation can cause the skin to produce more oil. 

If you need a product that is a bit more effective, look for cleansers that contain:

- salicylic acid

- glycolic acid

- beta-hydroxy acid

- benzoyl peroxide

Be aware that these ingredients can be irritating to some skin types so patch test or seek medical advice prior to use. 

Toners can also dry and irritate the skin, especially if they contain alcohol. A great natural alternative is Witch Hazel. It has been noted to reduce pores and also doubles as a make up remover! Use your toner once or twice daily as required.


4. Pat Dry with a Towel

Once you have washed, use a soft towel to pat dry your face. This again reduces friction and irritation. A great, sustainable option is one made of soft, organic bamboo cotton.


5. Face Mask

Face Masks, particularly Clay Masks, are a fabulous option to draw excess oil from the skin. Activated Charcoal is also a great natural absorbent and dirt magnet. These ingredients reduce pore size and soothe inflammation as well as rebalance natural oil levels.

We recommend Decongest + Clarify blend or CharClay blend which both perfectly accompany a skin care regime for oily or combination skin.


If your oily skin is genetic or hormonal, it can be much more difficult to prevent so management is key. A good skin routine and using blotting paper through out the day will give the best oil control. 

These tips are provided as suggestions which use natural remedies but if your symptoms don't improve then we recommend to seek Professional Medical Advice. 




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