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3 ways your favourite cleanser is damaging your skin...

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The feeling of clean skin is a welcome wake up boost in the morning and then refreshing and soothing after a long day. But that chemical cocktail which is your favourite cleanser could be doing more harm than good...


ONE. The sulfate found in a lot of cleansers actually pull the moisture from the skin causing it to dry out and, creates dead skin cell build up.
TWO. The sulfate is what makes cleansers foam but it causes irritation to the skin and when mixed with other chemicals, can cause carcinogenic by-products.
THREE. Exfoliating scrubs also create more irritation for those with existing skin conditions such as excema and acne, those who live in cold, dry climates and mature skin which is already quite delicate and thin.
So how do we look after our skin without daily stripping the natural oils? Using a sulfate-free cleanser is a good start. For a completely natural rejuvenation, discover CLAY! Some varieties have amazing properties which can rebalance your skins natural oils. A nightly 10 minute face mask is all you need to take time to unwind while the clay gently lifts dead skin cells and rehydrates all in one step.











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