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SIX reasons NOT to use a Clay Face Mask

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Face masks are everywhere!

There are the ones that peel off and makes your eyes water.

There are ones that are like a sheet.

There is Mud masks. Coffee masks. Coconut Oil masks. And then there is CLAY masks.

Why not use a clay mask you ask? Here are SIX reasons why you SHOULDN'T use them!


ONE. You like large pores.

Clay has a deep cleansing, drawing effect. Once you remove the impurities and bacteria which stretch out your pores, they will shrink in size. While pore size can be genetically determined, oily skin types tend to be prone to larger pores because of trapped sebum. The Clay will help to rebalance your natural oils, in turn keeping pores less obvious. But if you have embraced the large pores on your nose then maybe clay face masks aren't for you!

TWO. You don't want your cleanser and serums to work more efficiently.

With clearer pores, your face care regime becomes more efficient. Your complimenting products will be absorbed quickly and penetrate deeper, getting you results at a more rapid rate. If you prefer life in the slow lane then clay face masks may not be a wise choice!

THREE.  You don't want to fake an 8 hour sleep.

Life gets busy, we are a stressed and tired society. The way a clay mask dries on your skin and begins to harden, causes an expansion of blood vessels. This increases circulation and improves skin tone and elasticity. Don't let it dry fully, wash it off when it is still a little sticky but pale in colour. With softer and smoother skin, you will restore your natural youthful glow and look like you have just come back from a holiday in the Maldives! But if dull and lackluster is more your style, then who am I to judge?! 

FOUR. You don't want your make up to have a better finish.

Particular clays are especially good at providing hydration to the skin. If skin is more plump and supple,it makes it easier to apply make up as it will glide over a beautifully primed surface.  Then again you may prefer your make up looking dry and cakey...

FIVE. Looking youthful and reducing fine lines is over rated.

Some clays have properties which rebuild skin cells and promote healing and rejuvenation. The benefits of these clays reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even acne scars and stretch marks! No wonder using clay in a beauty routine dates back to Cleopatra!

SIX. My skin type is too fussy for clay. It reacts to everything!

Clay is a natural, effective, mineral rich ingredient which is 100% safe for all skin types. Yes even YOURS. Provided it isn't mixed with other fillers or additives, clay masks (like the ones from Cosmetic Clays) are safe for all ages and can even be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and nappy rash.  Some clay masks leave your skin a little pink after use. This is completely normal and temporary as the clay stimulates your skins circulation. If you experience this after using your clay mask, don't panic as it usually subsides within 15-20 minutes!




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